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Certified HUD Homestore Broker

Kelly Parks, M.S. is a Certified HUD Homestore Broker and has a Master's Degree in Business and Real Estate.


How do I buy a HUD foreclosed home?

HUD foreclosures can be great buys, but you have to use some caution in order to make sure you are not buying something that is too expensive to repair and you want to be sure you have an expert Realtor on your side. 

Please be sure to read the fine print and know that a deposit is required when submitting an offer.  Typically HUD homes are offered to owner occupants first and then if not sold become available to the general public.  This is a process and patience is a good thing.

HUD also has certain programs for teachers, police and fire department personnel  to help give them the ability and incentive to purchase a HUD home.  Be sure to ask Kelly if there are any special incentives available that might fit your circumstances.  

If you want to buy a HUD foreclosed home call Kelly Parks and she can guide you though the process.

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