Kelly Parks Realtor

Kelly Parks loves saving historic mansions and properties.  

She has been instrumental in saving many of them in the United States and Canada.  

Do you know of an historic property, estate or ranch that needs to be saved?  

Email or call Kelly to see if she can help.  She searches homes for sale across Montana.

Senator Paris Gibson, founder of Great Falls, Montana

About a decade ago, Kelly Parks - Realtor - purchased the Paris Gibson Mansion c.1890, which had been converted into a 9-plex and was in deplorable condition.  After several years of extensive renovation, removal of additions and restoration, Parks turned the ugliest mansion on the block back into one of the most beautiful.  As the founder of Great Falls, Paris Gibson was one of the first to construct a mansion in the budding city.  Now visitors can enjoy the beauty of this classic historic East Lake Victorian again.

Paris Gibson Realty. Historic homes in Great Falls, Montana.

Historic Jenks Mansion c. 1907

Kelly Parks waited 20 years to purchase and save the historic Jenks Mansion,  Historic homes in Great Falls, Montana.  2016 her dream of owning the only Greek Revival Mansion in town came true. 

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